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Curtain Control Parts

  • Curtain structural parts
  • Curtain exterior parts
  • Vintage copper brushed finish
  • Silver mirrored finish

These two curtain control parts in black were our flagship products in 2016. We have custom designed the curtain control parts for companies like Crestron, OTAX, Epic, etc. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of services, e.g., manufacturing molding, processing injection molding, processing after silk-screen or electroplating.

The combination of plastic control parts and metal bearings can accurately control the motion of the curtain. This range of plastic components offers a choice of surface treatments, including brushed finish, mirrored finish, etc. They are available in various colors such as silver, copper and so forth. As part of our commitment to eliminating air streaks that may occur in the injection molding process, we have tested large-surface products nearly a dozen times.

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