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Automotive Structural Components

  • Automotive Structural Components
  • Gas cylinder parts
  • Thin-wall components

When it comes to manufacturing automotive structural components, we have applied nylon and 35% fiberglass to raw materials. These two substances can add high hardness and strong wear resistance to our automotive structural parts, so you don’t need to worry about the injection molding temperature of nearly 200 degrees Celsius.

  • Various structural components
  • Compass-like structural parts
  • This component has undergone two-step injection molding process

This product needs to undergo two-step injection molding process. It is formed by two different materials, such as PC and ABS, by using bi-color mold or insert mold. The compass-shaped structural component is formed in a single run. It is guaranteed with a high level of precision.

We have designed, developed and produced the monitoring parts and structural parts for CWI. Our services include manufacturing molding and processing injection molding.

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