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Plastic Parts Finishing Process

Custom Printing Service
We provide an entire set of smart in-home injection molding services, which also includes the Custom Printing Service. The value-added service contains painting and electroplating for patterns, logo silk screen and other surfaces.

If you need to add brand or written messages on the surface of your injection parts or finished products, United Leader Tech will provide the entire printing service, from choosing the suitable colors, the dimension of the content, to color contrast. The professional staff will ensure each printing logo matches customer requirements, especially with the use of a painting and electroplating sector for spraying different colors and grains in order to offer more appealing visual options.

About Plastic Parts Silk Screening
Silk screening is a cosmetic application applied to many of our custom plastic enclosures. They can withstand years of harsh weather conditions and still look good without the colors fading. We can use existing artwork, or work with you in developing your screen tooling with the aid of contracted graphic designers.

About Plastic Parts Painting
We run our plastic products through an electroplating process, which enables us to give our products a metallic feeling. This can help to improve the aesthetic property of plastic products and also protect our products from electricity, heat, corrosion, etc. To meet our customers’ specific needs, UNITED LEADER TECH offers the painting on plastic injection parts. Plastic parts painting is carried out in our factory and ensures the highest quality level of finishing and details (painting color, varnishing, painting savings).

About Plastic Parts Plating
UNITED LEADER TECH offers traditional electroplating services on plastic parts. We can handle almost any parts we made,including Plastic Enclosure, Plastic Brackets, Plastic Button, Electronic Enclosure, Headphone Shelf, Keyboard Housing, etc.

Contact us if you need more information about the post-production value-added service.